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Web designer | Front-end developer


Angular Framework, HTML, CSS and a lot of JS

Huge Brazil's ecommerce

Nike is one of the most famous brands in the world and I was pleased to help build the Brazilian version of its e-commerce while working at Via Varejo (the largest retail company in Latin America).

About the project

Developing an ecommerce for one of the biggest brands in the world is really a huge responsibility and while working at Via Varejo (the largest retail company in Latin America) I was able to participate in this mega project of Nike Brazil, which aimed to create the best Brazilian e-commerce in its business niche.

The idea was to transform the user's digital shopping experience through a minimally planned interface, based on several case studies and usability tests.

This was certainly one of the best and most complete projects that I have participated in my entire career.


Together with several partners from Nike Brasil and Via Varejo, the site concentrated several tools capable of improving UX: personalized search system, product customization tool, cache system to improve the performance of the site created with the support of Google Brazil, process checkout made with extremely modern technologies at the time in order to improve the purchase flow, among many more features.

Over the course of 2 years, I was able to have a great participation in usability tests, in the front-end improvements of the entire site and in the development of the new checkout process (at the time done with Angular framework).

Currently the site is under the control of another company, but most studies are still being applied.

Huge Brazil's ecommerce
Huge Brazil's ecommerceHuge Brazil's ecommerce