Diona Rodrigues

Online learning platform




Web designer | Front-end developer


ReactJS and Ionic Framework

Online learning platform

A learning solution that connects mentors to learners.

About the project

Similar to some existing learning tools, this app has the advantage of providing a function where learners can have mentors. Thus, when taking a course that has coaches, users receive follow-up and feedbacks, which make learning even better.


The end result of this project was the development of the platform using React across the front end. The system has 3 types of profiles: admin (controls groups and courses), coach (monitors the trainees' progress and defines if they are ready to advance in their lessons) and trainee (executes the course and can send feedbacks, perform tasks and much more) ).

The current version of the system also has an app using Ionic Framework and React with the most important features for running the course. A new version is being developed with React Native to improve the user experience and I´ve planning all the interface based on case studies and mobile patterns.

Online learning platform