Diona Rodrigues

Event in partnership with Google


Code in the Dark Brazil


Organizer | Web designer | Front-end developer


Event in partnership with Google

Recognized in several countries, this event arrived in Brazil in 2016. I was one of the organizers of its editions, in addition to having the challenge of creating the visual identity of this Brazilian version of the game.'

About the project

This was certainly one of the most challenging projects of my professional life. Together with friends and in partnership with Google Brazil, we organized the Brazilian version of this event, which is successful in various places around the world.

Imagine a competition like this: several front-end developers need to code a page in just 15 minutes... So far the challenge is already huge, don´t you agree? Now add the fact that they can´t see the result of the page in the browser, only the source code, using only HTML and CSS: This is Code in the Dark!


The editions of the event were very successful and attracted several people from the front-end community from all over Brazil and several partnerships were made to make the event a safe and fun environment: photographers, DJ, buffet, awards and more!

The experience was awesome!

I also participated in the visual planning and communication of the entire project.

Event in partnership with Google
Event in partnership with GoogleEvent in partnership with GoogleEvent in partnership with Google