Diona Rodrigues

Moving to Dublin and new challenges

I'm in Dublin, in the capital of Ireland. A city with a cold climate when compared to Brazil, but which has its beauties and charms. A mix of historic and modern life. A kind of silicon valley in Europe.

Posted on Oct 30, 2020 • 5 min to read
Diona Rodrigues
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Moving to Dublin and new challenges

It has been a little over a week since I arrived in Dublin, Ireland, and there are so many possibilities in my life from now on that I will still need to reflect calmly on what the next steps will be.

Learning English is one of the main skills that a developer looking for a successful career should have (of course, you can also succeed professionally without knowing that language). Through English, in addition to obtaining more job opportunities (mainly outside Brazil), we are also able to absorb any content in our area much more quickly from people anywhere in the world, since English is a universal language.

My experience with English

I confess that I decided to learn English as an adult, around 25 years old. It wasn't easy, I needed a lot of dedication to go from almost zero (verb To Be) to the intermediate level. I took a traditional course (2 hours a week in the classroom plus homework), and I also tried to study a little every day on the way to work: I reviewed the exercises, kept repeating what I had learned...

And what was mandatory became fun and part of my routine, because, as I progressed in my studies, more challenges arose - and I also felt more proud to be able to have an evolution. And so I spent almost five years: between traditional schools, self-study and private lessons (sometimes all at the same time, sometimes just one of those items). I was really willing to learn English and move up my professional career.

Decision to make an exchange

As soon as I started my English studies (around 2013), I was delighted with the possibility of studying outside Brazil. At that time, I had just moved from the countryside of São Paulo, Brazil, to the capital and, as the city breathes business, it was very common to meet people who had already had experiences outside the country. And it was at one of those meetings that I was fascinated with the possibility of going to live in London - my favorite city in the world because of the medieval stories that go back to the history of England. However, living in London was far from my financial plans and, researching which places would be most interesting to study English, I got to know Ireland.

Gradually, the more I researched about the Emerald Island (Ireland's nickname because of its vast green vegetation) the more I was enchanted by it: culture, castles, people, proximity to London... In addition, in Ireland there are big and famous technology companies: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Hubspot... There are those who venture to say that here is a type of European silicon valley. 😁

Before Ireland, I went to Canada

For various reasons, I ended up changing the course of my plans and ended up in Canada in 2018. For students, Ireland is a very interesting place when you intend to stay for a long period (at least 8 months), because you can work and study at the same time. For short periods, as you can't work, it ends up being an expensive destination for Brazilians. So I ended up choosing to go to Canada, because in terms of cost-benefit it is a great country to spend a few months studying.

At the time, I felt that my English had already parked and I was no longer able to level up. I was able to watch some videos without subtitles and read short texts, but I still had a lot of difficulty. And when I made the decision to go to Canada I went with the objective of at least returning to Brazil managing to consume content from the front-end development area and also participate in job interviews in English. And I tell you that I managed to achieve these goals of mine after 4 months living in the North Pole.

Coming to Ireland

So two years have passed since I had my experience in Canada and the dream of coming to Dublin, Ireland, still kept me up for a few nights sleep. Coming here would also be my chance to move from Brazil and have a really immersive experience in a new country for a long time, doing common things from the routine of anywhere: working, paying rent, shopping in the market... Unlike from Canada that I lived with a family during the entire period that I was there - which was also great.

I had already been planning to leave Brazil, but having faced this new challenge in the middle of a pandemic caused me to feel worried beyond normal. After all, there is a whole planning not only financial, but also psychological at stake. But it is part of life. I tried to postpone this dream until the next year, but I couldn't wait. The coronavirus is a reality that we will have to deal with from now until the vaccine appears and I couldn't let that obstacle stop my dreams. I am not saying that you should not postpone your dreams because of external problems, but that everyone knows the best time to put your goals into practice. And I feel this was my moment. 😁✨

New challenges

Here, little by little, I am exploring the icy land of the descendants of the Vikings with their countless pubs and street artists, the place where Halloween was born, the land of St. Patrick's Day (the Carnival of Ireland) and where the famous writer Oscar Wilde was born, and much more. I am also discovering how the IT market works here and its job interviews. The next chapters, I will count here on the blog.


If you are a developer and want to learn English to make your career jump, consider having an experience outside of Brazil too. There are exchange packages for all tastes and pockets, of any length. Certainly, having an international experience, in addition to adding a lot to your learning, will also bring a new way of relating to life.

Until the next! 👋